Workplace Investigation Timeline

Despite their effectiveness in staving off infection around the height of the pandemic, some hybrid workplace environments have had a negative impact on the quality and amount of communication between employees. It can be difficult to foster a connection between these employees entirely online, understandably. When connections have a harder time being established, there’s a larger chance for drama or conflict to arise. Just as HR departments are prepared to push their employees together in hopes of creating genuine relationships, they’re as prepared to pull their employees apart as a result of any conflict. Unfortunately, in the case of many conflicts that organizations will have to deal with, they’ll have to conduct formal investigations to right the employees who were wronged. While they may seem overwhelming, these investigations are the best case scenario for solving any of these workplace transgressions and ensuring an organization’s interests are being protected. To learn more about the ways in which these investigations are handled, please see the resource covered alongside this post for more information.

Workplace Investigation Timeline from HR Acuity, a company specializing in employee relations software

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