Why You Should Look For Repair Instead of Replacement of Transformers

In order to run operations at your industrial facility where hundreds of workers operate day and night to keep the manufacturing process going, you may need a stable power source that doesn’t let the unscheduled power cut affect day-to-day operations. Transformers come in handy in such cases and fulfill all your power supply related requirements easily. In fact, all industrial setups, regardless of their size or capacity, have multiple transformers installed in their facilities to minimize the idle time as much as possible.

If you haven’t already opted for a transformer, then buy one soon. However, if you have transformers in your industrial setup, then keep them in the best possible condition for long-term good performance. If they are not performing as per their capacity, then you can go for transformers repair in place of replacing them altogether. Here is why:

Massive Investment:

Buying a transformer to power up an entire facility is not a small step. It’s a huge investment that you make in hope of getting the power supply issue fixed for the next many years. The investment becomes even bigger when you purchase multiple transformers to cover the entire facility. Whenever any of those transformers dies down, your production affects badly. So, you might want to get a new one. But this step can cost you an extra few thousand dollars, which can be avoided if you opt for repair instead of a new purchase.

All you need to do is get in touch with a recognized transformer repairer in your area and ask them to explain the various repair and remanufacture options available in the market. You can call their representative to visit your facility and take a look at the transformer that’s not working correctly if you don’t want to take any risk.

A repair service provider like Surplec has a dedicated team of technicians who visit power plans and industrial setups within hours of booking an appointment to take a real-time idea of the issue. Once they have thoroughly inspected the transformers, they suggest the best way to repair those transformers so that the production doesn’t stop even for a day. Not to mention, the cost of transformer repair is way lesser than buying a new piece. Keep these points in mind whenever you find any issue with transformers in your production facility or power plant.

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