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Why and How to Reset Your WordPress Site with WP Reset Plugin?

Designers, developers, or website owners, will want to reset their WordPress site at some point of time. They will want to do so due to many reasons, which we have mentioned later in this post. There are many WordPress plugins are available for resetting of your WP database, and make your website go back to its initial default settings.

You can use the WP reset plugin to wipe the database, and retrieve the default settings.  However, the question is – Why would you actually want to reset WordPress database?

Testing Themes:

While designing a new WP website, you may have played around with many layouts and themes, before finalizing on the right one that resonates best with the brand. Installing of WP reset plugin will help to quickly delete the remaining themes and layouts, so that you can start off fresh with a blank canvas.

Want a refreshed blog or site – Uninstalling of the old WordPress website, and re-installing a new one takes lots of time. Reset plugin is an ideal solution for a total overhaul of your old website. One thing to remember here is that it can delete all the content, so you must take backups of any pages, or images, or posts, or media that you desire to keep.

Website cleaning – After installing too many plugins and themes, your WP database gets overly bulky. WP reset plugin allows you to delete precise database tables and clean up your site. It will help your website in regaining its optimum performance level.

Use the website for staging – When you develop WP websites for clients, you may use them as a staging environment to show the progress of development stages to the clients, before going live. The testing site can be returned to its initial default setting after the job gets completed.

How to install and reset with the WP reset plugin?

The database can be deleted manually, but with WP reset plugin it is easy and quick. So how to install and reset with WP reset plugin?

WP Reset is an open-source plugin found inside the WordPress repository.

  • Open WP dashboard, select Plugins > Add New
  • Search for WP reset
  • Click on Install > Activate

The installed WP reset will be seen on WordPress menu, Now select Tools > Database Reset. From here you will be able to reset the WP database step-by-step.

Database reset

Click select tables, and choose the database tables you wish to reset. For example, if you select the Users database table, current users get deleted, and the initial default admin user gets restored.

Before clicking on the Reset button, copy the security code in the text box. This ensures that no other database content gets deleted. If you wish to delete the whole WP database, then choose ‘Select All Tables’ WP reset plugin even offers a partial setting feature, which allows deleting or keeping uploads, media, plugins & themes, site title, search engine visibility settings, site address, and more.

WP Reset is a great option for developers of plugins & themes! If you wish to know about another plugin that the developers use extensively for redirecting WP pages, please visit https://wp301redirects.com/.

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