White Label SEO Audit Tool for Agencies


You have a website, and you want to rank it, then the first thing you have to do is optimize your website for search engines. But how to do all these on-page, off-page, and technical SEO? Well, that’s why SEO Audit tools are here.

“SEO is a mysterious puzzle, and the tools help to solve them and cut them into pieces.”

So, choosing a convenient and useful SEO tool is crucial. And one of the most important things you should keep in mind is whether your tool is white labeled or not. Because black hat SEO can cause penalties and you may have to suffer a lot for it. In this article, I’ve included the top 3 White label SEO Audit tools for agencies. But before giving the complete description, let’s check out the significance of white label SEO.

White Label SEO: Why Is It Necessary?

White label SEO refers to the services that an SEO agency offers to the clients under the brand’s name. They provide these services by using SEO white label software.

The agency can develop the software, or the agency can buy it. So, the software that a company/website hasn’t developed but uses as their own is known as white-label software. And this whole process is labeled as “White Label SEO.

Why Is White Label SEO Necessary?

If you think that just by building a website, you have achieved your online business goal, you are wrong. Without having a higher rank on a search engine, you won’t get many visitors, and that will only make your website feel abandoned. This is where a white label SEO agency comes in rescue.

  • White label SEO service ensures a higher ranking with a lot of visitors on your website.
  • It provides you with a skilled and experienced service so that you can communicate with your clients, maybe better than your in-house staff.
  • A white label SEO agency promotes your brand/website as their own. So, there is sincerity in their work.
  • If you are not good at marketing the products you have manufactured, you should hire a white label agency. They will ensure that your products are visible to a lot of people.

So, all in all, it’s better to hire a white label SEO agency if your staffs are not good enough to provide the necessary SEO services to your clients.

How To Choose The Best White Label SEO Tool?

To achieve your goal, you want to get the best white label tools. So, you have to choose the white label SEO tool that must fulfill your requirements. That means-

  • The tool must meet your functional requirements and let you get the best performance.
  • The tool should be that much ‘white ‘labeled that you need.

It’s become hard to say which one is actually the best. You have to check out the following things that you can do with this tool. By doing so, you can be sure that the tool will work best for you. Later, I’ve mentioned some best white label SEO tools.

  • You will be able to make design choices like custom headers, footers, logos, etc. in your white label SEO tools.
  • You can easily rebrand the tool according to your brand or client’s brand.
  • You can also make branding of the reports that the tool generates.
  • The tool will be able to support multiple campaign reporting.
  • You will be able to host the tool on a custom domain.
  • You can easily customize the price and billing details in your way.
  • The tool should be able to integrate multiple data streams according to your client’s needs.
  • There will be a wide range of metrics in the audit in case of audit tools. And the data will be easy to explore.
  • A lot of templates and widgets will be available in the SEO dashboard. You will be able to clone your dashboard and change the data sources according to your clients.
  • Reporting tools will be able to report according to the client’s demands.

Thus the above features will help you to choose the best white label SEO tools.

Top 3 White Label SEO Audit Tool For Agencies

Choosing a White label SEO tool is confusing. Even SEO experts and agencies become puzzled about selecting the best tool.

Over years of experience, I tried to select the SERP white-labeled tool, and here I’m sharing my experience with you. I’ve elaborated on the details about the three best white label SEO audit tools.

Let’s dive into the details.  

1.     SEO Audit Software: Get The Best White Label SEO Services

In my list, SEO Audit Software is in the top position. Especially for agencies, it can be the perfect solution you are craving for.

And whether you are worried about the budget, SEO audit software offers free SEO tools white label for 14 days.

It has incredible features for technical SEO reports, at the same time, customized location-based keyword tracking tool.

Other software provides such services at a high rate; SEO audit software is offered affordably. I wonder at this low price. The additional software on my list is much more costly. But the white label SEO programs are almost the same. So as a budget-friendly one, I will always suggest SEO Audit software.

The software will track keywords for you based on 102060 locations of 213 countries. Not only that, but they also offer so many exciting features. Let’s dive into them!


***Built-in accurate SEO report:

With their built-in SEO report, you can get accurate data. To create a robust digital marketing strategy, you need to sort out the problems and keep developing your site. You can define it through this best white label SEO report creator tool in which area you need improvement.

Whether other white label SEO tools are charging much for creating such a report, I wonder, SEO Audit Software is offering it for free in your 14 days trial. The report contains many things, and honestly, it is so easy to use that even a Newbie can make a perfect report just by providing the website URL and keyword.

I’m showing you a report I’ve received while using it.

You can download the report on pdf and deliver it to your consumers. Even if you watch out at the top, you can see an option to add your company name, and you can also use your logo. The report is very informative. I think it can be the best guide to make your marketing strategy stronger.

Also, it is not time-consuming. You will get all these data within 2-3 minutes( it took only 30 seconds in case of mine). This instant SEO report can help you out in an emergency. So, for SEO agencies, this feature will be a great one.

One more thing, the software is offering you to make reports in 10 different languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, and italic.

***White Label Lead Capture Form

You can find it convenient to embed a Site audit widget to your website. Moreover, you can create personalized ways that will help you to strengthen your lead generation efficiency. You can also send your instant made white label audit report to your consumer via email, which will help you increase subscriptions to your email list.

The process will be done automatically. You don’t need any manual stuff to complete it, just select your color, logo, and the data, the rest will be done with it.

The lousy quality leads are just a waste of money. So, having quality leads are always a target of expert SEO agencies and freelancers. The tool will help you to sort out choosing potential customers who will be your actual customers and. Also, you will get all the notification of new leads. So you won’t miss any!

I like their white-label lead generation because they offer multiple options for form placement. These options are incredibly helpful. It helps to choose the best ones.

Moreover, the lead generation tool is not expensive. I’ve mentioned the details in the pricing section. Once you take any of the premium plans, you can get the high-quality lead generation. (The 14 days trial will allow you do so)

***Unlimited White Labeled SEO Audit.

White label SEO tools enable you to develop a branded,customized, technical SEO auditing report with highly analytical information. Not only that, you can add your company’s logo, phone and other contact details like email, address, and other custom made messages. It helps you to create your brand awareness, a perfect marketing strategy. And also, it enables us to engage with your potential. The tool is offering you the complete SEO audit to develop the technical SEO of your site.

In most straightforward terms, an SEO audit is significant for specifying your website’s strengths, drawbacks, and potentials for long-term achievements. Mostly SEO Technical Audit will work for setting the technical crises of your website. A Technical SEO audit finds out the obstacles constraining search engines to crawl through your site or comprehend your web content. So technically, you are getting the best services with their complete SEO audit services. Besides technical SEO, they also focus on the on-page and off-page SEO audits.

With this software, you can obtain a competitive website audit. That means you can get a full resemblance of what your top opponents are accomplishing for SEO and how your SEO activities pertain to theirs. This procedure will stimulate you to specify what can work for your market component adequately and execute profitable marketing tactics to improve your business.

There are some more exciting upcoming features. The white-label site will be added soon. It will help you find out any mistakes on your website, and you can find out all the facts of every inch of your site. The exciting features are upcoming, and the current features are also amazingly helpful.


I feel it convenient because it doesn’t require any credit card to enjoy the free trial. You can use it anytime. The free trial lasts 14 days.

The premium plans are not much costly. They offer three programs, silver, gold, and platinum. The silver tool costs $19/ month, which they suggest for freelancers. And the silver plan includes:

  • 200 Keywords of 5 websites and 1000 page technical audits.
  • white label SEO report
  • SEO lead generation

The gold plan will cost $39/ month, suggested for teamwork. The plan includes:

  • 500 keywords of 10 websites with a 2500 page technical audit.
  • All the features like a silver plan.

The platinum plan costs $59, suggested for the agencies. This plan includes:

  • 1200 keywords of 20 websites with a 5000-page technical audit.
  • All the features previously mentioned.


One of the top research and marketing platforms currently available is SEMRush. Classed as a “now all-in-one advertising framework,” SEMRush provides a variety of functions that can help you scan for keywords, see what the phrases your rivals’ rate with, and determine your on-site SEO standing.

Here is a comprehensive discussion of some of the essential white labeled SEO features, pricing of the software SEMRush.


Some features of SEMRush are briefly discussed here.

Audit Platform

The functionality of the site audit tests the condition of your on-site SEO. Only select a project and join the namespace of the platform that you choose to try. You would then get a ranking relative to the number of problems found during the crawl.

Keyword Research

SEMRush is a powerful platform in which to perform the keyword research, aside from competitive strategy.One of SEMRush’s significant advantages would be that it gives you some critical perspectives into the SEO and promotional campaign for your rival. It’s rapid to do so, in comparison. Easily log through SEMRush, insert the URL of your opponent, and select the country you would like to see Google information.

Ideas for SEO

The SEO Ideas functionality describes the sites in which you can boost your SEO on your blog. A sum up page provides you a choice of recommendations that will make the site get better to the targeted audience. This feature includes brand verification, which helps you follow all company or brand comparisons through social media platforms.

There is an inspection functionality on the backlink that will help you find and condemn extremely dangerous backlinks.

This feature helps you evaluate the progress of either you or your opponent’s social media strategies. The interaction report indicating where your rivals have the highest interaction levels is probably an essential feature of the social media platform. You will further dive into this information and precisely see what content has produced your rivals’ most business.

The Tool of Content

The Content Tool helps you understand the success of documents, forums, and posts shared on third parties’ websites.


Here I’ve mentioned some information about the pricing of SEMRush.

Pricing begins at $99.95 a month for SEMrush. For one person, let’s see how much SEMrush costs:

  • Pro Plan: $99.95 every month
  • Project blogger: $199.95 a month
  • Commercial plan: $399.95 a month

People who are paying on an annual basis get a 16% reduction on the monthly SEMrush product. The business also delivers two add-on services: $20 / month listing management and $200 / month competitor analysis.


WebCEO is a next-gen online marketing option that gives 21 useful tools for keyword testing, ranking monitoring, SEO assessments, internal connection detection, backlink monitoring, social network management, etc.

Web CEO’s white-label capabilities offer digital organizations the right to design and create documents that appear professional.


Below is a brief discussion of some of the features of WebCEO. Hopefully, from the talks, you can get an idea about the features. Let’s see.

Competitor Analysis

This tool will track the displayed competitors’ lead generation information so that you can keep a watch on all of them and as to where they make progress. The more competitors you include, the more backlink data can be analyzed, meaning that if you don’t have a fixed cost schedule, incremental costs will be incurred again, but the method is transparent about the fees. If the tool has extracted its information, pages linked to your rival’s pages would be highlighted but not to you.

The ‘dangerous sites’ study, which recognizes links that are considered hazardous and therefore need to be deleted, is a flagship aspect of WebCEO’s link management system. WebCEO became one of the first all-in-one toolkits to provide such a feature. Above everything, their expertise reveals how they allow the client to customize their contamination criteria to decide which connections are being highlighted.

Rank Tracking

Rank tracking on WebCEO is a way to add buttons to the toolbar, including visualizations of items like search engine results, location relative to the previous check, and five best keywords moving up. This enables the evaluation of the quest efficiency improvements that refer very much to you.

Here are some more features you can find : WebCEO Content Management, white labeled Dashboard, Google Analytics Integration. Also the Keyword Research Tools, Keyword Tracking, Mobile Keywords are available.

The mentioned features are helping the website to move forward in various ways.


WebCEO is an easy-to-understand SEO application that provides all individual SEOs, and SMEs have to control their search queries. They have a package starting at $39 a month for a single entrepreneur that allows you exposure to the app, allowing you to monitor approximately 50 exclusive keywords on up to two locations/destinations.

For example, you might observe your results on Google Computer and Google Mobile for a particular spot. It is a perfect way to start for many single website operators, and note that different keywords and places can still be paid for as an add on.

The $99 / month Venture Policy will allow you to manage five sites and 200 keywords for startups that need more keyword exposure and monitoring that is probably accurate for a local SEO program. The Department Unrestricted Package ($99 / month plus scanning fees) and the financial model for big corporations ($299 / month) are planned for higher quality contracts for Seo services.

Why Should You Choose SEO Audit Software Over Others?

Detailed reporting: The provided report contains a lot of information with in-depth analysis. So you can satisfy your clients. Not only the experts but the simple way of presentation can also help anyone who doesn’t know much about it.

Stay up to date: The software will keep you up to date always. Keyword rank tracking tool will facilitate recent keyword updates, and also, you will get a notification if your keyword ranks. So, you can call it an extensive remedy.

Strategic solution: As you can get technical SEO support, it would help create a new strategy or update your old system. The custom branded report seems worthwhile to discover the dilemmas and sort them out.

Affordable rate: 14 days trial is completely free. Even the pro plans contain so many features at the most affordable price! If you compare with other software I’ve mentioned in the article, SEO Audit software’s cost is the most economical, even less than half. But the service and quality are exceptionally high. So why would we spend the extra money? I highly suggest SEO audit software in regarding all these aspects.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best tool can kick-start the organic traffic on your website. A white-labeled SEO tool like SEO Audit software can be the game-changer. SEO experts and agencies will be highly beneficial by using it. Not only that, but SEO Audit Software is also extremely user friendly. So if you are a newbie, do not hesitate to use it.

SEO is a comprehensive service. You need quality content, as the content is the king. Then it would be best if you fixed the on-page and off-page SEO along with technical SEO. Without optimizing all these things, you can’t rank your website. SEO Audit tool can be your comprehensive solution. Furthermore, exciting features like analysis of the site crawl is coming soon. So grab the best tool, at the best rate.

Author Bio:- Maqsood Rahman

SEO Audit Software, one of the best open source & white label SEO tools for agencies & SEO entrepreneurs and Maqsood Rahman is the mastermind behind this SEO solution. He has a total of 15 years experience in the SEO Industry (12 years in NYC and 3 years in BD). He is highly dedicated to help companies develop their Digital Marketing strategies. This SEO Software comes with a 14 days free trial version.

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