What Safety Accessories Should You Carry When Walking the Streets at Night?

If you are often on the streets at night either because those are your jogging hours or working night shifts, then security is probably always at the back of your mind.  When you are in foreign neighborhoods or even in your backyard, it is crucial to make the right choices and be aware of your surroundings to remain safe. Street crime has been on the rise around most major cities worldwide. Unfortunately, it is also spreading to smaller communities.

There are constructive things that you can do to prevent falling victim while going about your business. They include defense methods that will help you escape from perpetrators and skills that will help you identify potentially dangerous situations and save yourself in advance. In addition to these skills, you can carry different accessories to enhance your security. Here are some of them.

1.A small stun gun or taser

Stun guns and tasers (CEWs)  are critical for protecting yourself from perpetrators when you cannot escape fast enough. There are different tasers, such as those manufactured by TASER or a top taser competitor, PhaZZer. They also come in different sizes. You can get a miniature one to protect yourself, and it will fit right in your bag.  When activated, stun guns and tasers emit about 35-million electric volts and disarm perpetrators rendering them motionless temporarily.

When using a taser, you will need to make direct contact with your assailant, but it is pretty easy to regulate and conceal. With a stun gun, you won’t need to be in direct contact. They use batteries. Hence you can always recharge them in advance and carry one whenever you go out at night.

2.A keychain panic alarm

It is a relatively new accessory in the market.  This keychain is commonly in the form of a USB flash drive. You can attach it to your keyring, which means that whenever you sense that you are in danger, you will have protection at the tips of your fingers. When you find yourself in trouble, yank at the fob which is inbuilt into this drive. That will trigger a warning siren that will surprise your assailant and also alert anyone in your vicinity that you are in distress. The bandwidths of these devices go up to over 200 feet which increases your safety.

3.Pepper spray

Many people carry pepper sprays for safety, and that is because they are easy to conceal because of their size. They are small enough to put into your pockets. Pepper spray is made from high-performance liquid compounds. You can get an excellent pepper spray with a strength of about a 10-foot range. Because of the potency of pepper spray, it is possible to fight away an assailant who is much bigger than you. It takes some time to overcome the person. Therefore, you should be ready to use other defense tactics before it completely kicks in.

Staying safe is becoming harder by the day, whether that is at night or during the day. Ensure that you take the correct preventative measures, such as walking along streets with lighting. Having one or two of these accessories will also provide you with reliable backup.

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