What is the Interval You Should Schedule for Compressor Service?

The persisting maintenance periods rely on the real operating hours as well as time. This means that a compressor that does not reach its operating hours within six months to one year or up until the next repeating maintenance still requires a solution as different using parts, as well as filters, are subject to an aging procedure. With unique factors to consider of the functional safety as well as the warranty of a trouble-free procedure, it is suggested to observe the specified upkeep intervals depending on the type of plant. Minimum interval 1 x annually.

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How frequently must I transform my pressed air filter, including oil filter, fine separator filter, air filter, compressed air keys filter? 

Depending upon the filter element and function, the filter aspects ought to be transformed every 6 or at least every 12 months.

Why should I change my filter element on a regular basis? 

In order to make sure a constant supply of quality pressed air and to decrease power costs, filter aspects have to be replaced consistently.

How commonly must the oil be altered? 

The oil change is generally performed about reoccurring upkeep. Mineral compressor oil ought to be changed every 4000 operating hours. Synthetic compressor oils can typically be run two times as long. Nonetheless, depending on the setup, as well as suction conditions, the oil modification periods might vary. In the instance of the question, it is advised to have the condition checked in the laboratory through oil analysis, oil check.

What type of oil should I use? 

In concept, a compressor oil approved by the plant supplier must be utilized. The compressor oil is of the greatest relevance in the compressor, for oil-lubricated screw compressors. The oil has to cool down, compress, as well as lube. Nonetheless, it additionally requires the property to be separable once again after that. Depending upon the application of the system, mineral oils can additionally be utilized as artificial or food oils.

When do I need to change the compressor phase? 

The compressor phase, an oil-lubricated screw compressor, goes through giving birth to wear due to its design. The bearing producers define a running performance of approx. 35,000 running hours for their bearings. As a result, we suggest the preventative exchange of bearings after reaching the operating hours. When concluding an assured contract, the preventive exchange is regulated.

When do I have to accomplish a pressure vessel test? 

The frequent pressure vessel evaluation is regulated by the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health. This defines: Perform a visual inspection every 5 years and a pressure examination every one decade.

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