What Is The Airspeed Indicator

There are a so many systems and gauges that pilots rely on to ensure you take off, fly, and land safely at your destination. One of them is the airspeed indicator abbreviated as ASI. In this article, we will be briefly explaining this flight instrument.

The ASI is use to measure assists the pilot to know the aircraft’s speed. The system uses the pressure differential in the pilot-static system to measure and display the speed of the aircraft. The ASI displays speed in miles or knots per hour in most aircraft. The indicator has a needle which point the current indicated air speed (IAS) of the airplane. Each aircraft model has its own critical speed information such as never exceed speeds, caution, normal operating, flap setting, and stall, and each one has its color-coded marking that is standard. Pilots are, therefore, trained to understand the color codes and what they mean for different aircraft models.

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