What Can Cause Delay In Background Checks? Find Here!

No matter whether you are an employer look to screen applicants, or a business that wants to verify customer details, a background check is a must. What is a background check anyway? Simply put, it is about verifying that a person is who they claim to be. There are different kinds of background checks, right from employee background checks, to criminal background checks, checking customer information, and so on. Each one can take a specific amount of time, but typically, this is not more than five days. To know more on how long it takes to do a background check, you can find details at

Sometimes, doing a background check may take more time than needed, or the process may get delayed. Below is a list of reasons why background checks may get delayed.

  • When information provided doesn’t suffice. Note that background checks require written consent, but sometimes, the person may not offer all the information as mentioned in the form, or may even submit incomplete forms. In case authorization or consent is not obtained as expected, the whole process may get delayed.
  • When manual checks are required. While a basic background check can be done online, it isn’t always the case. In many counties, the work is still based on paperwork, and the information may need manual visits to the concerned offices. This can delay a background check by many weeks.

  • When there are issues with names and aliases. Sometimes, spelling issues, or aliases, can delay background checks, because there could be mix-ups in getting the desired information.
  • When the person is from another country, or has been abroad for years. In selected cases, an international background check may seem important, and while fetching information doesn’t have to be complicated, it also depends on the processes and cooperation of the other country, and sometimes that can cause delays. Many countries do have strict privacy laws, which may lead to longer waits.

Even if there is a delay in background check, it must be done to be sure that a person is truthful about information they provide. For loan lenders and employees, this is also about avoiding losses, because there are criminals who are good at doing such crimes related to providing false or misleading information. Check online for companies that help with background checks, and you can even rely on their ready tools for basic information.

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