Virtual Escape Room Singapore: Modern Way Of Team Building And Interacting

Virtual Escape Room Singapore has efficiently produced the finest and immersive virtual escape room exciting games in Singapore. Each of their Escape room games owns more than 20 rooms and interactive signs to explore, communicate with and resolve.

Moreover, they have uniquely built-in extremely appealing puzzles, interactive locks, and surprising riddles to be solved. Your team and you will relish an exciting and profoundly interactive escape game adventure with them.

Overwhelming Features That Virtual Room Escape Provides:

  • Interactive locks and puzzles- Engage with interactive hints, mechanism, drag and drop signs, slider puzzles, actual padlock unlocking device.
  • Exciting storylines- Their specially designed themes own every storyline closely intermingle with the clues and puzzles. Expect many surprising plot twists and surprises when you proceed with each challenge.
  • The 360 virtual tours- Address clues out of the authentic world by roaming around in extensively immersive 360 virtual journeys.
  • Live facilitation and host- Each experience goes together with live facilitation and host to lead you with every event and offer their hand whenever required.

Exciting Mysteries Designed By Their In-House Experts Such As:

  • Ben’s Big Heist
  • Time Travel
  • Return Of The Queen
  • Curse Of The Werewolf
  • Time’s Ticking
  • Jack Hangovers

All their virtual escape room Singapore activities are 100% online – you can efficiently experience actual-life escape rooms even from the warmth of your home or place and at your favoured timing.

Each virtual escape room game can serve both small and large clubs. Their virtual escape room Singapore experience also includes friendly and skilled game facilitators who will lead you and your team along with the trainer if you carry questions.

Virtual Corporate Team Building Activity Includes:

  • Problem Solving
  • Seamless communication and teamwork
  • Participate anywhere

The Virtual Escape Room Singapore entertainment and games are suitable for corporate group building, social gathering, team bonding, birthday parties, celebrations, and many more.

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