Using Realtek HD Audio Manager To Improve PC Sound

The audio on your computing machine is important. The nuances of what is being said or even music can lack quality if you do not know how to adjust the inner workings of your computer’s sound card. This is where understanding how to improve the sound using your audio manager specifically using the Realtek Audio Manager found on your machine.

The Realtek Hd Audio Manager is not a sound a card it is the software that works in conjunction with your sound card to produce the sound you hear. The Realtek chip is located on the motherboard and using drivers actually creates the sounds. We will go over areas that can enhance the sound quality if you are having issues with it.

One of our first stops is to check out the loudness stabilization. We will need to launch the Realtek Audio Manager. This can be accomplished by either typing in your search bar sound settings if you are using Windows 10 down near your Windows Icon on the bottom left hand of your screen. You will type in sound and it should go ahead and find on your machine the audio manager. If you have an older machine you can double click the sound icon found on the bottom right-hand side of your screen. 

Once you are there in the older machines you may need to click on the tab that says speakers, then onto the sub-menu for sound effects, and then look for the Loudness Equalization checkbox. You will check or uncheck it. The newer Windows 10 steps are to launch sound settings once these loads look to the right and click on the sound control panel. This will bring up another window/box to find the icon that says Realtek High Definition Audio Default Device. You will click this and one more dialog box will open. 

The next step is to click on the upper tab that says Enhancements at the bottom you will see the Loudness Stabilization box to tick inside of. This is not going to make terrible audio sound great but what it does do is improve the level of sound that is produced instead of blaring loud to whisper or vice versa is removed, it keeps a steady sound. This can be useful if you watch many movies where audio can be mixed from movie to movie or even sound to sound. Utilizing this function keeps from having to constantly move your volume up and down.

Another issue sometimes you will find is the echo problem. This can also be solved simply by using the audio manager. In Windows, you can access the Control Panel, go to the Sounds icon and click then select Recording and right-click on your microphone you will then select properties and just click on the tab for Enhancements from there just simply click disable all and click the apply button.

There have been some updates in Windows 10 that include inside the above steps to open up your audio manager you will see. There is one that is titled Equalizer. This can be very useful to help improve sounds. This basically takes a type of performance and applies a sound to it. This includes Vocal, Pop, Rock, Powerful, and Live to name a few. These sounds are based on equalization that enhances what type of sound is being played which can help if you are listening to someone talk instead of trying to listen to classical music.

In closing do not be afraid to use Realtex HD Audio Manager to find what best suits you. These settings can always be changed back, the best key is to experiment to see which various controls help you with the sound output of your pc. 

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