US Standard Products Highlights The 7 Types of Hazards in A Workplace

What are some basic safety hazards in the workplace? What are some examples of the types of hazards in the workplace?

These are smart questions to ask regardless of your industry. However, representatives from New Jersey-based manufacturing company US Standard Products and the related USSP Shipping point out that there are actually as many as 7 major types of hazards in the workplace. They include:

Physical Workplace Hazards

According to US Standard Products, a physical hazard is one resulting from basic risk factors in an employee’s environment. Examples of such workplace hazards may include machinery that’s unsafe due to poor maintenance, a slippery floor, and tasks that require working at very high heights.e. These types of hazards in the workplace can often be relatively easy to mitigate with proper safety training and equipment.

Chemical Hazards in the Workplace

Chemical safety hazards in the workplace can pose significant threats, and may consist of noxious chemicals, dangerous gases, flammable chemicals, and more. Employers concerned about how to control chemical hazards in the workplace should review OSHA’s guidelines.

Types of Ergonomic Hazards in the Workplace

When considering how to address safety hazards in the workplace it’s important to remember that the way employees use their bodies can be potentially dangerous to their health. Everything from poor posture to frequent lifting may be hazardous in certain instances.

Radiation Hazards

Naturally, the different types of hazards in the workplace identified by US Standard Products won’t apply to every workplace. For instance, not all jobs involve potential exposure to radiation. However, plenty do, including radiology jobs, some military positions, and numerous others.

Employers need to protect their workers from basic workplace hazards like this by consistently staying on top of the latest safety recommendations, training employees thoroughly, and making sure all equipment has been properly maintained. They can also follow US Standard Products on Facebook for updates on workplace safety topics.

US Standard Products Identifies Psychological Workplace Hazards

There are many different types of hazard in the workplace, and some might not be as visible as others. Protecting employee mental health is just as important as protecting their physical health. US Standard Products safety experts believe it’s important not to overlook psychological workplace hazards. Jobs that might expose workers to psychological hazards may involve the potential of public criticism, excessive stress, harassing behavior, and related factors.

Biological Safety Hazards

This type of hazard in the workplace is often more common in jobs that involve working in science labs. Lab workers may be at risk of exposure to bacteria, viruses, etc. US Standard can help you to protect against these threats.

Electrical Hazards in the Workplace

Electrical hazards are among the most common types of hazards in the workplace. This is because virtually all industries rely on electricity in some capacity. Thus, even if you’re not an electrician, you still need to be aware of electrical hazards in the workplace.

These are the main workplace hazard categories US Standard Products highlights. As we have seen, safety hazards in the workplace can occur in many forms. Review which apply to your industry, and make sure you’re doing everything you should to protect your employees properly. Subscribing to the US Standard Products Facebook page may help you to keep updated on products and advice.

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