Tips to prepare for AWS outposts


AWS outposts are simply fully managed services that normally extend the services, AWS infrastructure, APIs, and important tools to customers. It simply makes sure that customers can access the AWS-managed infrastructure. Through them, AWS outposts make it easier for customers to be able to build as well as run important applications on-premises. This can be done using a similar programing interface as that one in the AWS regions through the help of a local computer. There are many important things that you should understand when you are planning, ordering, and installing your AWS outposts. Many stages are involved. Here are some of them

Sizing your outposts

The number one step is sizing your outposts. What you should keep in your figure tips is that AWS outpost are normally available in different pre-defined configurations. The configurations always span six different categories. They include development and test, computer optimizations, memory-optimized, graphics optimized, and general-purpose among other things. You should always cooperate with your account team for the sake of making sure that you are settling for the best configuration as well as the best outposts. It is also very possible to work with your team just to make sure that you have a custom configuration.

The order submission

The second important stage after sizing is the order submission. At this stage, the AWS team will have to try and gather important site characteristics such as network connectivity, physical security, and power instruments. This is important information that will help to identify any dependency in terms of infrastructure and make sure that the outpost installation and configuration is a success.

The site assessment and validation

Before configuring an outpost, it is very important to first make sure that the site is very ready for it. The only way to ensure smooth installation is by having a team that will be able to validate the site. The team will make sure that any site attributes are noted down just for the sake of finding suitable ways to install and configure the AWS outpost.

Order approval

After site assessment, the next important step is site approval. This is the stage where the outpost configurations are ready for delivery. A specified team will work in making sure that everything goes as planned.


You can have your AWS outposts ordered and be delivered without facing any trouble and a lot of problems. As long as you have the right team working with you, the process will be straightforward.

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