The Need for NDT Inspection Equipment

Many industries must rent ndt inspection equipment to carry out an effective means for verifying the reliability of materials without having to take evasive measures of shutting down operations. Shutting down an operation is not as easy as just flipping off a switch. Some operations require a continual operation that can only stop at certain periods.

One example is the oil industry. it could require several man hours just to stop an operation and many hours to start back up, not including the cost of downtime during the inspection. The extra labor costs and the lack of product flow can result in excessive losses. One must also consider that some industrial equipment manufactured by third parties may require that a specialist from another country. This may require unnecessary logistical costs and difficulties in coordination, which could result in added costs or delays in other locations needing that same technical specialist.

The offshore industry must inspect below the surface of the ocean. Diving offshore is extremely dangerous because of the strong currents and waves. There are other risks such is divers being sucked up into the pipes of the firefighting or deluge system. This will require shutting down parts of the system where divers are working. This requires extensive coordination to prevent the loss of life or the platform being vulnerable in case of a fire.

Some equipment at the bottom of the ocean can only be inspected with nondestructive testing; therefore, the organization must rent ndt inspection equipment. One example is the blowout preventer. Pipes and equipment must be inspected to prevent the possibility of explosive gases and crude oil from escaping, causing explosions and creating an ecological disaster. Ensuring that equipment is properly working to shut down any possibility of an explosion or gas leak is essential.

Facilities with confined spaces such as pipelines and storage tanks need to rent ndt inspection equipment. It is expensive to shut down a pipeline or a storage tank. Sometimes tanks need to be purged or people must follow extremely cautious procedures when entering a confined space. Because of the fumes, empty tanks are more dangerous than full tanks. Renting non-destructive testing equipment is safer and more cost effective.

Some companies cannot shut down operations until a batch is completed. They may have products that must be processed at a certain flow rate to reach a consistency required by the customer. Shutting down operations to inspect a piece of equipment could result in an incomplete batch and added costs to meet customer demands.

Companies reduce risk by renting non-destructive testing equipment and allowing operations to continue while these inspections are completed. As mentioned above, not having to shut down operations will increase safety. Many major accidents occur during startup, after equipment has been shut down and something has been replaced or modified.

Some managers could be reluctant to shut down operations. This occurs much less today but human nature can always find a way of not shutting down operations due to the excessive cost of production losses. Renting non-destructive testing equipment creates a bridge between management and safety that allows companies to be safer at a lower operating cost.

Most accidents occur due to lack of maintenance. Many industries have learned the hard way the importance of inspecting and maintaining equipment. Renting non-destructive testing equipment Will encourage more inspections and allow visibility that will prevent future accidents. Reducing risk is important for personnel and their families. Lowered costs are good for everyone, from stockholders to the consumer. Everyone benefits from non-destructive testing.

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