Samsung Phone Repair Issues You Should Know

Samsung launched its first cellphone in 1988. More than 20 years later, Samsung has become one of the most popular brands in smartphones. But even Samsung phones suffer from breakdowns. Experts in Layton share the most common Samsung phone issues that they repair.

Cracked screens

Samsung phone screens are relatively durable these days due to current technological advances. But let’s face it, we often drop our phones. The phones’ screens can still crack when dropped or banged against something hard.

Repair experts say that there is no way to fix a cracked screen. The only solution is to replace the screen. The sooner this is done, the better. The crack could worsen if it’s not done correctly. Also, it’s hard to see the screen if it’s got a long line on it. Your phone’s touchscreen might even malfunction because of the crack.

For this issue, let the professionals fix it. Don’t try to do it yourself because you might make the issue. You could end up destroying the motherboard and ruining the whole phone entirely.

Water-logged phones

Still connected to accidentally dropping phones, you might drop yours in a toilet, a swimming pool, the beach, or a puddle. There are Samsung models that are waterproof—but only up to a certain degree.

For this issue, you can do some first-aid for your phone. Immediately remove the battery, SIM card, and memory card. Pat these dry with a clean towel and let them air dry.

Then sponge out as much water from the remaining parts of your phone as you can. Don’t shake it too much because you might let the water into sensitive parts of the phone. Let it air dry as well. Don’t use a blow dryer because the heat could affect parts of the phone that are sensitive to high temperatures.

Don’t re-assemble your phone right away. Wait for 24 hours. Bring your phone to the professionals as soon as you can.

Short battery life

Samsung batteries are famous for having long battery power. But, once in a while, you get a dud battery that drains quickly. Smartphone batteries usually last up to two years before they start consuming power quickly.

Although it’s easy to buy a battery replacement by yourself, it’s better to have a professional check and install the replacement battery. A professional will consider a phone’s voltage and circuitry status before replacing the battery.

Malfunctioning buttons

The most common buttons that malfunction in Samsung phones are the home and power buttons. Sometimes a home button will function properly after restarting the phone or cleaning the area around the buttons. If trouble persists, bring your phone to the professionals.

Malfunctioning ports

Your phone’s ports—USB port, headphone jack, charging port—are open to dust, dirt, water, and other things that might clog or make them malfunction.

If you’re having trouble with your phone’s ports, the first thing to do is make sure that it’s not the problem is not with the earphone or cable you’re using. Try using a different accessory with your phone. If you still can’t hear anything or if you’re phone is still not charging, then have the phone checked properly.


We use our phones every day. This is one reason why they break down. Using them often increases the risk of damaging them. So, preventing your phone from malfunction is hard to do. When you encounter Samsung phone repair issues, there’s no need to worry. A professional repair shop is just around the corner in Layton.

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