Remodel, Refurbish or Renovate? What to do to Your Home in 2020

Just because you want to upgrade your living space doesn’t mean it’s time to go house-hunting and move out of your current home. Instead, you can consider renovating and reforming your home into a place that caters to your comfort and provides you with the relaxation you need.

Here are some home remodeling tips that will be very popular this year:

  1.  Consider multifunctional spaces.

Thanks to an increasing consciousness over the value of space, people are moving away from the habit of dividing their homes into several single-purpose rooms. Instead of assigning a space for entertaining guests, a separate space for dining, one for working, you can break down a wall or two to create a huge, open space that can be used for various purposes at different times of the day.

Removing dividers means you can utilize every little space in your home better for your comfort. It could also mean savings here and there as you might need less power to light up, cool, or warm your place. Following this trend, however, means you may need to choose furniture and appliances that can serve several purposes, too.

  1.  Go for what you need.

There was a time when people were all about filling their homes with custom furniture and décor. Although individuality remains a strong force behind the interior design, people are now more inclined to choose fixtures that truly address their needs, even if they’re not custom-made to suit the specifics of their taste.

Indeed, people are becoming more and more serious about creating comfortable living spaces that provide a sense of security and support relaxation. When choosing furniture and décor, do not focus on superficial aspects like appearance—rather, focus on its benefits and how it fits into your daily living.

  1.  Lose what you do not need.

Practicality is the name of the game this year. One of the ways you can make your home even homier is by embracing only the things you need and doing away with those you don’t. Minimalism frees up space and makes your home less prone to clutter. And because you’re keeping only the things that matter, you’ll be less inclined to make random purchases for your house, allowing you to save money as a result.

  1.  Embrace sustainability.

The environment is a significant force in people’s choice of upgrade for their homes. You can use reclaimed and upcycled materials, as well as those that are not manufactured using dangerous chemicals for your floors, walls, and furniture. You may also save power by allowing more natural light in and improving your home’s insulation.

Another way to embrace sustainability is by using renewable energy sources. Your choice of energy source will, of course, depend on what’s available to your locale. If your area gets a lot of sun, then solar panels would make for a great investment. In Navajo County, wind energy is readily available and is gaining a lot of ground among residents.

A new and better home doesn’t always have to mean a new address. With the right vision and guidance, upgrading and remodeling your home could end up becoming a cheaper and more reasonable course of action.

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