Prostitute vs Escort: What Are the Differences?

People think that prostitutes and escorts are the same. Escorts offer their services mainly for entertainment, although there may be sex involved in some cases. Prostitutes, on the other hand, only have one thing to offer, and that is sex for money. We will go deeper into their differences below.

Escorts may do their work without sex

As mentioned, an escort service may not always involve sex, whereas prostitution is only about sex. You may hire an escort to have a companion during your stay or someone to go with you to a series of events. Other clients want a girlfriend experience, or they want to feel intimate, which is why they hire one. It doesn’t always lead to sex. However, it can be part of the service, depending on what was agreed on. A prostitute will not offer the same service, as it will be purely about sex.

Escorts are generally safe

The call girls that you see on the streets have a high risk of carrying sexually transmitted diseases. Escorts, especially those that work through agencies, are generally safe. Escort agencies screen their girls, and they also have health requirements that they need to pass to make it onto their list. Nevertheless, it’s still best to practice safety at all times. Most escorts will bring a condom, but to be on the safe side, be ready by bringing packed condoms with you.

Escorts are classy and well-groomed

The physical appearance is one of the most obvious differences between escorts and prostitutes. Prostitutes usually wear heavy makeup and revealing clothes to attract men. Escorts are classy as they are well-groomed to look presentable. Since they can serve as a companion on various occasions, they invest in outfits and grooming that will make their clients proud. Because of the way they look, it could be hard to tell if the date of a man is a real girlfriend, wife, or an escort.

Escorts ensure that clients are satisfied with the experience

The primary goal of a prostitute is to satisfy the sexual desires of the client, and that’s it. An escort will make sure that the overall experience of the client is superb as it can lead to repeat service or recommendations. There are escort reviews that you can read to learn about the experience of their past clients. It will give you a better idea of what to expect, as well as help you decide on which escort to hire. Prostitutes do not have these kinds of reviews as they don’t have their service advertised on the Internet. They work on the streets waiting for clients to pick them up.

Escorts are professional

Escorts are committed to giving you the best experience. They are professional, so they will be there on time if you are meeting in a specific hotel or motel or they will be ready if you are going to their place. Escorts will clean themselves thoroughly to ensure they smell fresh and they look presentable. Prostitutes do not have this level of preparation.

If you want great companionship, satisfying sex, or both, then hiring an escort is a better option.



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