Primary Areas Covered During Roofing Inspections

areas covered roofing inspections

There are several factors that play a role in the long-term care and maintenance of your roof, and periodic roof inspections are high up on this list. Regular inspections of the roof by licensed professionals will help you not only identify minor issues before they grow into major concerns, but also make the small, but also handle insurance claims and other important areas if damage occurs to your roof

It’s vital for home and building owners to find a high-level roofing contractor for such inspections, such as Roofing Pioneers in Orlando, Florida, who carry out both standard inspections and free inspections for roof damage insurance claims. What are some of the general areas that will be inspected by a roofing contractor during such an appointment? Here are a few themes to keep in mind.

Structural Inspection

Firstly, the inspector will look for several possible indicators of damage or issues with the structural exterior sections of the roof. They will check for signs like uneven roof planes, sagging, cracks, crumbling and any damage that may have taken place to the chimney, if present.

The inspector may also inspect the venting in your attic, which often leads out to the roof area. If this venting is damaged or improperly installed, this could lead to heat and moisture buildup that decreases your roof lifespan, plus increases the risk of moisture-related issues.

Material Inspection

For this part of the inspection, the inspector will be on the lookout for any loose, missing or warped shingles, plus any stains, moss or missing flashing or fasteners in places where these items should be. If they notice corrosion or rust, this will also be documented.

The inspector will also check rubber boots and seals around vent pipes to ensure there are no gaps or deterioration. Finally, they will look for shingle aggregate in roof valleys that might signal shingles are wearing down.

Workmanship Inspection

The best inspectors, such as Roofing Pioneers, will also examine the roof for any problems in previous workmanship. These include incorrect flashings, for instance, or misaligned sections of roofing or gutters. These issues increase your risk of future problems, but a solid inspection will identify them and allow them to be remedied.

Interior Inspection

Finally, especially in cases where you’ve had specific recent roof damage or leakage, the inspector will also look at interior parts of the building below the roof. They’ll check interior ceilings, the attic, plus nearby interior wall areas for risks like rot, water stains, mold and other issues that often show up when water is allowed to leak through the roof.

Ensure your roof is protected at all times, plus ensure you’re in good shape for any insurance claims, with high-quality roof inspection services.

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