Philanthropist Daniel Snyder Is Making People’s Lives Easier All Over the World

Dan Snyder was always a fan of the Washington Redskins, and of course, his passion for the team continued after it came to be known as “Washington Football.” His passion for this team was so great that he purchased it in 1999, and ever since then, he has been taking it to new heights. With Dan in charge, this team donated millions of dollars to charity while he kept the team at the top.

Dan Snyder is one of the area’s most important philanthropists, but he is also a major community leader. Charitable giving is so important to him that the first thing he wanted to do after purchasing his team was create a charitable foundation that he named the “Washington Charitable Foundation” in 2000. He meant for the foundation to bring his team and the community and corporate entities together to help develop the youth of the Washington, D.C. area.

With the Washington Charitable Foundation, Dan has been able to focus on the area’s schools, health and wellness issues, and community outreach. The programs that the foundation created led him to donate $29 million to organizations, groups and individuals all throughout the location. This gave Dan a chance to make a difference in millions of lives.

Further Accomplishments

Throughout the season in 2019, the foundation treated the area’s families to more than 115 special events and workshops. These workshops promoted literacy for children in the fourth and fifth grades with a program called the “Read Program.” Children in seventh grade also benefitted from the foundation’s health and wellness program that the schools are currently hosting. This program served the needs of more than 12,000 children attending four local school districts.

The Beacon House is an organization that benefits at-risk youth. In 2010, it gave Dan an award for being a “distinguished leader.” Over the years, he supported the house’s private boarding school that takes care of more than 900 homeless children from the ages of 11 to 17.

The Loads of Love Program

The foundation is also responsible for the Loads of Love Program that placed laundry facilities in non-profit organizations and schools. These laundry facilities are free for homeless children and their families to use. As Dan became aware that some children weren’t taking advantage of the sports activities and programs that his foundation had to offer because the kids were ashamed of their clothes, he decided to make it possible for them to keep their clothes clean. The foundation gave donations to more than 80 non-profit organizations and schools so that they could have their own Loads of Love laundry centers.

Outside of the United States

Dan has been attentive to the needs of people outside of the United States as well. After Hurricane Matthew landed in the Caribbean in 2016, Dan made sure that the people received the supplies that they needed to recover. He even asked some of his players to help him assist the victims of the hurricanes, so two players of Haitian descent agreed to go with Dan to deliver medical supplies to Haiti.

Dan also stepped in to help the people of Indonesia and Thailand after the area experienced a tsunami in 2004. When Hurricane Katrina touched ground in 2005, Dan Snyder was there as well.

Children’s Organizations

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Children’s National Hospital are also on Dan’s radar. He is on the Board of Directors for the Children’s National Hospital Foundation, so he was able to have the Snyder Family Emergency Medicine and Trauma Center constructed. He also paid to have the Daniel M. Snyder and Family Communication Center built at the Children’s National Hospital. This center takes calls from people all over the country. The National Children’s Hospital has an awards ceremony every year, and in 2014, Dan and his wife were awarded the “Charles B. Wang International Children’s Award.”

Daniel Snyder founded inVentiv Health, and he is currently the company’s chairman emeritus. He also founded Red Zebra Broadcasting that has radio stations in Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland. The stations air programming about Washington Football, national broadcasts and local programming. Dan has been honored with being placed in the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

Daniel currently resides in Potomac, Maryland, with his wife and three children.

Learn more about Dan Snyder on Forbes.

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