Install different cameras with a license

Having cameras around your house or office are important for your safety. If something happens, it can be seen on camera. Install different cameras and manage these camera’s with one system. Do you still need more cameras? It is easy to add more cameras to your system. Your recordings are valuable assets to you, but only when you use them in the right way. The surveillance station offers you the right tools. Easily find your recording, search and analyze them. Using the software is intuitive and above all effortless. You can also download the software on your phone, so when you are not at home of at the office, you can still see what is going on. Sure you want to buy the license for more cameras? It is possible to choose between different Synology packs. After paying you will receive a personal code in your mail. You can buy this whenever you want. Make sure you buy this license at an authorized online reseller. Need more information about the Synology camera license? Please read further.

Make sure you buy the legal license

When buying the Synology license for the cameras, it is important to buy the legal ones. But why? The legal license makes sure you get updates when available. Synology is continuously providing updates which improve the surveillance station software. One of the updates made sure an online activation is required when adding a new Synology camera license to your software. By means of this any shared, hacked, cracked or generated license key will easily be seen and marked invalid by the Synology activation server. If you buy the legal license at registered Synology partners, you don’t have any problems with the software. For example: visit the website of Innocam because this is one of the registered Synology partners. You can easily buy the license at Innocam. You will not have problems, because your workspace can be deactivated in an not authorized online reseller. More information can be read at the website of Innocam.

What license do you want to buy?

Are you sure you want to buy the Synology camera license? You can make a choice between different packs of this license. Do you need license for one, four or eight cameras? It does not matter how many cameras you add to your system. After buying the license you will receive a personal code by mail, so you can immediately start. Visit the website of Innocam for more information about this camera license. Want to know more? Feel free to contact the specialists of Synology camera licenses.

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