How to Select the Right Moving Company

It is a daunting task to choose a moving company. This is so because the Better Business Bureau receives thousands of complaints about moving companies in the US alone. Most of these complaints are about the alleged lost or damaged properties, charging for hours that were not worked, late arrivals, and not following the agreed estimates. All these can be prevented when you hire SOPICK movers.

It helps to know some tips on how to select the right moving company to assist you in your upcoming move. The following are some of the factors that have to be considered when selecting a moving company: getting referrals, looking out for any red flag, shortlisting to the best three, ensuring the licensed and insured, verify with the Better Business Bureau, asking about any professional accreditation, and verifying the address.

Getting referrals

The best way to go is to ask your trusted friends, colleagues, and family members for any recommendation. If you have been negotiating with a real estate agent, ask the agent for a recommendation. You may also compare the quotes from the top three best moving companies.

Be watchful for red flags


Be cautious of any possible red flags while asking for estimates. A moving company does not ask for a cash deposit before the scheduled move. If the mover appears to be too adamant to get the payment upfront, chances are it is a bogus company. Be observant about their professional dealings. If they are always late, don’t answer politely to your questions, or appear to be uncertain of their abilities, it’s safe to look for another option like SOPICK movers.

Check for license and insurance

Always ask for the license number of the moving company and verify through the authorizing agency in your area. You must also check their track record from a government-authorized agency like the Better Business Bureau in the States. Deal only with a moving company that is accredited by this authorizing agency. Make sure that the company also has a good rating with them.

Check on its professional accreditation

Trade associations have their guidelines before they approve the membership application of any company. Look for the particular trade association in your region that deals with moving companies. In the US, this is called the American Moving and Storage Association.

It is always wise to look for a local moving company. They are very much afraid of losing their reputation in the particular area and make sure that they provide only the best service.

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