How to report copyright infringement online?

A brief description of online copyright infringement

It is essential to understand that copyright infringement concerns all kinds of works that are actively protected under copyright law. On the other hand, one can take plagiarize content from works that are free to use.

However, it is easy to find out all the instances of copied content in a document with a plagiarism checker. The infringed content is also shown under duplicated content cases.

Copyright infringement can result in penalties and legal cases. A person cannot merely credit the source to salvage the situation because without the copyright owner has written permission, crediting the source is not enough.

Hence, it is vital to understand copyright infringement’s legal implication and use copyrighted material only after taking requisite consent from the copyright owner.

The process of reporting copyright infringement

Copyright infringement is a problematic issue. Protecting intellectual property is a difficult task because creating content takes place in several fields in several forms.

From films to books to paintings, copyright infringement can happen anywhere. Ideas, images, plot lines, dialogues can get stolen by others.

Translating a work that is protected by copyright law, and using it is copyright infringement. Hence, by changing the language, a person cannot escape from copyright infringement.

The most important factors that are involved in a copyright infringement case include the following:

  1. The work that has been used without permission has to be pinpointed.
  2. The probable source from where the work has been copied has to be noted.
  3. The person or group of individuals who have used the copyrighted work in one or more ways requires documentation for filing a case.
  4. One shall notify the publisher and the copyright holder of that work because they might not directly know about the infringement. In some cases, the writer is the copyright holder, but the copyright holder can also be different.
  5. The person who finds the copyright infringement should report it to the concerned copyright owner to file the complaint.
  6. Undocumented sources pose a severe challenge when it comes to reporting copyright infringement. The intellectual property that has not been patented under any patenting company can get stolen by someone. In this scenario, it becomes difficult for the creator of the content to prove copyright infringement. However, that does not imply that there is no way to report it.
  7. In undocumented sources, the plaintiff can file a legal case and include the original work to prove the point. If the petitioner can show evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that their work has been copied without permission, then the Court shall rule in favor of the litigant.

Dealing with copyright infringement on multiple online mediums

Please note that the rules for reporting copyright infringement are slightly different when it comes to specific online platforms. Many online mediums are being used for uploading content, and it is vital to know about the steps taken for protecting copyrighted works on such platforms.

It is equally important to follow the instructions for reporting infringement. The general processes that are followed on the virtual medium for reporting an alleged violation of intellectual property are enlisted below:

In several e-commerce platforms, it is vital to be a registered user for filing a complaint under copyright infringement. Agents of the copyright owner can also point out the infringing material for submitting an official complaint.

There is a form for reporting copyright infringement. Complete details have to be given for registering the complaint. The e-commerce site then launches an inquiry to check the verity of the complaint.

Social media sites are also famous for new content. The protection of intellectual property on these sites requires the users to read the copyright infringement policies thoroughly. Each social media site has its terms and conditions that include copyright infringement.

All sites have specific forms for submitting a copyright infringement complaint. A complainant can follow the instructions given on the site for filing a complaint.


The copyright act is present to protect intellectual property from unauthorized use. A legal case of copyright infringement can diminish the infringer’s reputation and result in hefty fines. Hence it is sensible to avoid infringing upon copyrighted works without authorized permission.

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