How To Redirect Pages or Posts In WordPress Using A Plugin?

An instant bounce back to search results is truly a bad experience for your WordPress users. It indicates that your website fails to give the required things to the users. This problem may occur even when the page or post does not make available on your website. Unfortunately, Google still sends your visitors to the non-existent page. The best way to avoid this inappropriate situation is by using WP 301 Redirects plugin. The primary function of this plugin is to send visitors to other pages where they get the desired information. If you try to make WordPress redirect, but you are not sure about it, you can read this post. It will let you know what it is, when do you use it and how to add the redirect plug.

Why should you redirect the WordPress Post or pages?

There are many situations in that you need to redirect your WordPress pages.

  • Someone had mistakenly typed URL, and you desire to correct the URL spelling
  • When you decide to add any keyword in the WordPress URL for various SEO purposes
  • While moving your blog posts/content to other directories
  • Someone has linked to your best content and given the wrong URL

Creating WordPress redirects with plugins

A simple way to manage the redirect is by utilizing the WordPress 301 redirect plugin. The main benefit of using this plugin is that it allows you to set up your redirects without any coding. After installing the plugin, you can go to visit tools and redirection for setting up the redirects. Along with this, the redirection plugin aids you in finding out the 404 errors on the WordPress site. Then, you can redirect the URLs to the right destination. Another impressive thing about this plugin is that it makes the redirects simpler. These are the specialized features of redirects that make them invaluable for WordPress site owners. Also, you are easily bound for moving pages and posts, leaving the 404 errors in the absence. Therefore, using the WordPress 301 Redirects plugin is an excellent way of using a redirect facility on your WordPress site.

Just in case you need to reset your WordPress site and start from scratch, you can use plugin

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