How to Make Sure Your E-Commerce Store Is User-Friendly

by Alex Schnee

One of the most important things and online business owner needs make a priority is customer experience. Unlike a physical store where you can control the process from beginning to end, working online means that you need to take all of your pages and customer journey into account. This might mean how your user finds your social media pages to the final checkout process.

Here are some ways you can make sure that your e-commerce store is designed for users in mind.

Think about customers’ pain points

First and foremost, you’re going to want to consider where your customers are in their buying journey and why they might turn to you. Before you even thinking about coming up with your design or ranking through SEO, you want to consider what your clients are looking for and how you can solve their problems. This can define your entire strategy and help you to decide how you want to go about certain processes.

Consider your design

Design can be one of the most essential parts of creating an e-commerce store that people feel comfortable ordering from. Whether you choose to use a template or you want to use headless commerce in order to test certain aspects of your site before it goes live, you want to make it easy for your users to get around and be able to head to the right pages in order to make a sale. Knowing user flow and how it can get them to the checkout page can be essential to the success of your business.

Focus on the checkout process

The most common place that users tend to drop off is during the checkout process. If you happen to have any technical difficulties with this page or it is too confusing for users to understand, then you might lost a sale. You want users to feel comfortable entering in some of their most valuable information, as well as completing the process without second-guessing their purchase. This is why you might want to run some tests when it comes to your checkout page and where it can be improved.

Watch your analytics

Your analytics can be an invaluable tool when it comes to seeing where you can help users along with their buying journey. Once you have a few months’ worth of data, you can start to determine where people are dropping off, and if there are any pieces of content or pages that help lead to a sale. This can help you to make the proper changes needed to your site in order to keep users coming in as well as completing the final actions necessary to make a sale.

In summary

Taking time to think about the process your customers go through can be one of the best ways to determine where your e-commerce store is doing well and where you can improve user experience. How your customers view your site can entirely determine whether or not you will be able to make money from your new venture.

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