How to Keep Your Office Well-Organised

There are a number of benefits to keeping your office organised. From being able to find things when you need them, to keeping employees happy, a well-organised environment will ensure your business is running efficiently. But how do you keep things organised on a day-to-day basis? There are a number of methods you can try.

Go paperless

Paper accounts for a lot of the clutter in offices. From unnecessary print outs to files full of information that’s no longer needed or out of date, lots of offices are full of paper that simply doesn’t need to be there. Why not go paperless? You can scan all your files in and organise them into digital files, keeping the originals in storage if needed. There are lots of software programs that make the switch to paperless much easier too.

Hire a cleaner

It’s difficult for employees to juggle their job and taking turns to clean an office, so even if you have a small space, it’s worth looking at hiring a cleaner. Cleaning companies such as Jan-Pro can clean and tidy your office to a high-standard, which means it’s much easier to keep the place organised and neat, and it can be a real morale booster to have a nice office space.

Have a clean desk policy

A clean desk policy can help encourage employees to stay organised, as they’ll need to pack their stuff away at the end of each night, leaving a clear desk behind. It can be good for workplaces that have hot desking policies, and ensures people don’t clutter their desks.

In a clean desk environment, people have to remove everything from their desk and put it away in a locker or drawers by the end of the night, and this includes:

  • Any paperwork or files
  • Post it notes and notepads
  • Removeable media such as USB drives and company mobile phones
  • Photos and personal effects

Having a clean desk policy is also recommended in environments where you deal with a lot of sensitive information, as it ensures everything is safely locked away when people aren’t in the office.

It’s not always easy to keep an office well-organised, especially during busy times. You’ll often need to put policies in place so that employees pitch in and keep their work areas clear, and hiring a cleaner ensures that the basics such as hoovering and dusting are done, which can create a much more pleasant work environment overall.

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