How To Design Unique Product Packaging For Your Brand

Your customers are eager to receive their orders with shipping Large Boxes. If your brand name and logo are prominently displayed on the package, they will jump for joy at the thought of receiving their order.

Another advantage of packaging in your company colors: your brand remains visible during transport and if your box is reused. Customers who see the package at their friends will immediately recognize your brand, which will help reinforce their feelings towards it. Beautiful packaging activates the reward circuitry in our brains, according to a study.

Choose Your Colors

Original design packaging with Brandt Box for example will allow you to stand out. Even if you opt for standard packaging, most suppliers will offer packages in various colors so that you can match them to your brand. The Dutch retail chain HEMA has used this technique for years: their white cards with red dots are instantly recognizable. Usually, part of the package includes a pattern you can cut out and use for DIY projects. This clever packaging gives customers a reason to talk about you and, at the same time, offers them an idea for a fun activity to do with the children (or the adults!).

Study all parts of your packaging. You can also create your address labels and tapes. For example, choose tape in one of your brand colors or adorn it with your logo.

  • Create a logo to make your business stand out.
  • Create your logo
  • Choose a print

Your logo and brand name will be printed on the package. It’s also useful to add your social media usernames to it. This will remind customers to follow you, share what they like about your products, or even shoot an unboxing video.

Here is another good example from a biker. Heavy packages often fell on the floor during delivery, bikes arrived damaged, and customers had to return them. Therefore, in addition to giving their customers a bad experience, the biker had to bear the costs of damaged products, treatment, and return. They now have a flat-screen TV image printed on the package to remedy this problem. Carriers are, therefore, more careful because they know the contents are fragile. Result: the number of damaged parcels fell by 75%.

Choose Eco-Responsible Materials

We have discussed reusable outer packaging solutions previously. For the interior, you can also opt for eco-responsible packaging materials. For example, set your sights on seeded paper if you want to add a protective layer between different products in a package. These are two layers of paper with plant or flower seeds. After unpacking, your customer can use this paper to grow plants.

Lush Cosmetics, for example, are the masters of this! Their orders are sent in recyclable packages made from 100% recycled materials, and they have replaced traditional polystyrene with flakes of Eco flow, a material made from biodegradable starch. This approach perfectly aligns with the brand message and the company’s values.

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