How to Automate Your LinkedIn Outreach

Summary: The use of advanced LinkedIn automation tools can greatly improve your outreach campaigns. By enabling you to send mass messages personalized messages and follow-ups, these tools help you form good business relationships. They also help you manage your growing network, analyze campaign results, and improve your future outreach plans and strategies for greater sales conversions and business success.

As the leading social media website for business today, LinkedIn is an essential platform for running successful campaigns for lead generation and growing your business network. Through the use of LinkedIn and all its advanced features and tools, you can connect with countless new candidates within a short period of time. The best way to accomplish this major task is with the use of mass messaging on LinkedIn.

Enhancing Your Outreach Campaigns with Automated Tools

By changing your LinkedIn outreach campaigns to automated outreach rather than manual, you can gain many more sales leads. Automated lead generation is best achieved today using such state-of-the-art features as Dooozen LinkedIn Automation Tool. When you operate your campaigns for lead generation with such updated automation aids, all areas of your campaigns will be more effective. With features like the Dooozen automating tool, your mass messaging, networking actions, follow-up, tracking and analysis for each outreach campaign will improve.

Sending Mass Messages on LinkedIn Option 1

The first LinkedIn mass messaging option enables you to message a group of connection without involving any automation tools and aids from outside sources. However, using this option too frequently can cause the site’s algorithms to place restrictions on your account. By selecting contacts that have similarities and relevance to your area of business, you will be the most successful at connecting with new prospects. Reaching out on LinkedIn will become simpler, easier and more effective for your business needs.

Major steps to use for LinkedIn mass messaging with this option are the following:

  1. Open your account’s LinkedIn inbox.
  2. Select the “More” tab in the right corner.
  3. Select “New group conversation.”
  4. Enter the names of all first level connection who you want to message, up to 50 names.
  5. Input a name for your group message.
  6. Complete your group message and send it.

Sending a Mass Message using LinkedIn Option 2

With this option, you can use a Linked In outreach template and automate your communications to contacts on LinkedIn utilizing third-party tools. You can also engage in cold messaging on LinkedIn. There are several ways to determine which of the advanced automation tools on the market today is best for your needs. These tips and suggestions can help your decide:

  1. Set Your Automation Intentions and Goals. First, decide your automation intentions and goals on LinkedIn. Your goals may range from growing your business brand and professional network to generating leads for a sales project. You may be seeking quality investment products and methods of recruiting new employees for your company. If you are currently seeking a new job position, this may be your reason for automating your outreach campaigns.

Using LinkedIn automation tools, you can send invitations to connect to other site users and message first level connections using a Linked In outreach template. You can issue follow-up messages and use auto-visiting profiles. You can also use cold messaging on LinkedIn and edit a LinkedIn message in progress. You can fine-tune your LinkedIn prospecting messages. You can obtain company names and profiles and send messages via the InMail system. You can also invite site members to join a group or follow a company page as well as endorse your connections.

  1. Identify the Most Valuable Automation Tool Features. Automation tools are designed to aid you in making new connections and maintaining good communications with your current network. They are meant to help you find prospective new clients and buyers for your business. Since not all automation tools have the same features and functions, it is important to determine which ones will best meet your needs. By locating the automation tool that best meets your requirements, your will greatly simplify reaching out on LinkedIn.

As an example, LinkedHelper cannot help you to set up your follow-up messaging campaigns and does not function with a CRM system. While Dux-Soup offers users the most extensive function options available, it can be costly for long-term use. You should always audition these tools on a trial basis to test their proficiency for assisting you in meeting your business requirements.

  1. Select the Ideal Tool for Your Use. After examining different choices, select the automation tool that will bring you long-term benefits. You do need a tool that will meet your short-term goals, helping you to operate and manage your campaigns. However, you also need one that can help you evaluate campaigns, connections and statistics from previous campaigns to make valuable comparisons.

This is essential for making important revisions to your current and new campaigns and mass messaging activities. The best automation tools save your contacts history and provide a quality filters system. They must also offer a smart, efficient interface.

The top-rated automation tools for use on LinkedIn also enable you to personalize each message and every connection request that you send. They help you organize and perform campaigns that include sequences of actions. These advanced tools can assist you in managing several large campaigns simultaneously and to track the ongoing status of each campaign.


By automating your LinkedIn outreach campaigns, you can reach more prospects within less time. You can also operate each aspect of a campaign more smoothly and efficiently for significantly better results. You can easily send mass messages to connections and follow-up swiftly with new connections. You can also analyse and compare your campaigns and strategies to determine how to improve your outreach.

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