How Recycling Creates Jobs

It’s easy to see how recycling can benefit the planet. A reduction in the amount of trash going to the landfill has a positive impact on our planet. Something that you might not think about, however, is how recycling helps the economy by creating jobs. Here are some areas in which recycling creates jobs and helps grow the economy.


In the recycling industry, there are many tools and machines that are needed to process materials. This includes everything from vertical balers to forklifts and compactors. This helps create jobs at manufacturing facilities to meet the needs of the growing industry.


Many companies are now starting to use recycled materials to make products. Remanufacturing factories take recycled materials and process them into a form that is usable for these companies. This is how all your recycled paper and plastic gets reused into other goods. Paper mills, manufacturing facilities, and metal smelters are all places that make new products from recycled materials. Not only that, but compost facilities also help turn your food and yard waste into nutrients for the soil.

Recycling Facilities

Recycling centers obviously need employees to run day-to-day operations. Recycling industry staffing is probably the most well-known way that the industry creates jobs. People here collect, sort, and prepare items to be sent to other places along their journey. This can include baling items together to be sold internationally or sending them off to remanufacturing facilities to be processed further.

Reuse Businesses

Plenty of businesses make their living by selling reused goods. Not only does the business help boost the local economy, but it creates jobs for the workers needed to staff the stores. Thrift stores, antique stores, and used book stores are an example of businesses that are created by recycling.

Benefits of Recycling and Reuse Industry Jobs

These jobs are necessary when it comes to meeting goals for creating more green jobs. The recycling and reuse industry create good-paying jobs for people who might otherwise struggle to find adequate work. Opportunities exist for mid-level workers, as well as workers that may not have the necessary skills to get them into higher-paying jobs. With wages that are almost twice the Federal minimum wage, recycling industry jobs create an opportunity for these workers to support their families.

These jobs also help to replace jobs lost in the manufacturing industry. With many companies choosing to outsource their manufacturing to China, the recycling and reuse industry helps keep jobs here. Not only that, but the industry is expected to grow with an increase in recycling over the next decade.

Recycling is a great way to keep our planet beautiful. Fortunately, it’s also a great way to help the economy by creating more jobs.

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