Content marketing: What is it?

A content marketer creates and distributes valuable, relevant, and consistent content that attracts and retains a clearly defined audience and ultimately drives profitable customer actions.”

Your target audience will receive relevant information that delivers meaningful results. You can use content to build customer loyalty by demonstrating thought leadership and answering customers’ questions. Long and short-term, content marketing can be highly profitable for businesses if done effectively.

It is important for every organisation to have clear business and marketing goals. Marketing and sales funnels can benefit from content. To spark interest and convert customers, we build online visibility through various channels.

Media and channels vary based on what you’re trying to accomplish, whether you’re trying to:

  • Inform
  • Educate‍

In addition to being beneficial to industries across the board, content marketing is frequently used to support multiple digital strategies, including:

  • Search marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media

How can content marketing boost your SERPs ranking?

There is a possibility that your organisation’s marketing team could have created the most exciting and engaging piece of content ever. If it doesn’t show up for any of the 3.5 billion daily searches, what’s the point?

To drive traffic to your website, optimise content with relevant keywords that prospects are searching for on a search engine – and we are mostly talking about Google here. When it comes to services from a SEO company, organisations will benefit most from following Google’s guidelines since they generate almost all (94%) search engine traffic.

Your organisation will be more visible for the keywords you want to rank for if you do this. This content will be crawled by Google and ranked according to its relevance, quality, and usefulness. Great content will be rewarded by Google.

When you prioritise content marketing in your SEO strategy, you will create new, informative pieces of content that include your most valuable keywords. Rather than over-optimizing your existing content, which will eventually affect your search ranking negatively, content marketing will add value to your site. In addition, Google likes new, updated content. In addition to improving your ranking, freshly published content gets indexed quickly. Your SEO ranking improves as more content is added, strategically set around your most valuable keywords.

Valuable content produces backlinks

Businesses can spread their organic keywords through content marketing in an engaging, valuable way, and it can also increase backlinks. Your domain authority (DA) will eventually improve as a result.

From Google’s perspective, domain authority is equivalent to a business’ reputation. Google assesses a website’s reliability and relevance according to its DA, which ranges from 1-100. High-quality backlinks and great content are key to boosting your score, and being rewarded by appearing on the first page of Google SERPs.

Other websites will link back to your website if its content is valuable. In order to promote your content and achieve some backlinks, an extra bit of help is sometimes needed. Amplification of social media, digital PR, and outreach are all included here.

You can only accomplish this if you have a content marketing strategy that enables you to produce valuable, engaging content.

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