Avoiding Ordinary Website Design Errors That Can Affect Your SEO

Even after selecting a relevant theme, title, images, and spending hours on framing your website, it is still not visible in the top Google rankings. Why is it so? There is a possibility that you might have made some common mistakes that are constantly hurting your SEO. A good SEO experts Company India always makes sure there are no loopholes left while designing any website. They give strict guidelines to the designers to avoid setbacks later which could be caused by search engines. Here are some such mistakes that you should avoid for better website performance.

  1. Inadequate website exploration: If the information is not linked properly the visitor may check out of your website without exploring it further. Prepare your website by categorizing the internal connection of the significant pages of the website. Likewise, the visitor will be able to get the information reasonably.
  2. No mobile-friendly operating website: As per the research and stated data, around more than 50% of the website traffic of the US population attains from a mobile gadget. Every visitor is looking for a mobile-friendly website for easy and quick access. If your website has no such feature so that may be the reason for the low ranking of the website on the portal.
  3. Page loads slowly: If your website page takes time to load or open, the visitor may not wait and switch off to another site instantly. To make the visitors stay on your website, make sure your page loads within 3 seconds. The WordPress theme selected can be the major reason for a low page loading. Instead, you may check out the themes below:
  • Astra: The rapidly loading theme on WordPress is Astra. It consists of inbuilt and easy to use demos for prominent industries like outdoor activities, pet care, and even more.
  • Hello Elementor: Hello Elementor is easy and symmetrical. It has better collaboration and high speed.
  • OceanWP: This theme offers brilliant design, great glance on small devices, and enhanced speed.
  1. H1 tag is missing on the home page: The H1 tag gives the visitor complete information that what your website is all about?? The missing H1 can lead to missed or low ranking of the site on SERP’s. You can incorporate the fundamental keyword in the H1. Set the H1 tag close to the overside of the website page. Lastly, you can connect the 5-second examination to let visitors notify exactly what your site is related to. This will confirm the superiority of the H1 tag.
  2. Broad images & Media files: Beautiful images can make your website look brilliant. At the same time, it can also slow down your website. It is highly recommended to go through the test of “Google’s PageSpeed Insights”.
  3. Inserting text or theme in images: You should avoid using the text or themes promptly into the image. This reduces the chance of the usage of H1, secondary headlines that exaggerate the major title mentioned above, and related keywords near the top of the website page.
  4. Troublesome Pop-ups: Accurately used pop-ups can generate more number of email subscribers. Simultaneously pop-ups should not hinder or disturb the visitor. Websites with disturbing pop-ups rank low, Google states. Try to create transforming and appealing pop-ups to avoid the pop-ups disruption.


Have a look at these website designing mistakes that you need to prevent your hard work from going in vain. Taking these points into the consideration will help you to make your website visible & highly-ranked on Google.

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