A Complete Guide to Filing Wright Medical Hip Lawsuits

A hip replacement may bring a big improvement and relieve patients. The hip of the human is technically a cup and a ball. At the top, there is a round knob, which fits into a rounded space at the hip bone.

Injury, disease, age, and other conditions may cause natural hip joints to lose their strength. When medical doctors are unable to repair them, they may recommend a total hip replacement.

If you get a hip replacement or implant and experience pain as well as other complications, it would be wise to consult a legal professional specializing in such cases.

The expert must have a good reputation and proven track record of getting wright hip replacement settlements.

Wright Hip Replacement: Metallosis Complications and Symptoms

Wright hip replacement can be one of the lines of metal-on-metal hips related to metallosis in a patient. Basically, metallosis may affect the internal organs, nervous system, and skin.

Individuals who develop the problem might not experience symptoms. However, doctors may detect the problem through several blood tests.

The blood tests might be able to reveal that there is an increased level of the metal ions in your blood and observe signs/symptoms of metallosis like:

  • Skin rashes
  • Implant loosening
  • Infection
  • Clicking

Litigation Status of Wright Hip Replacement

Since 2012, all the federal judges in the United States determined that every future and pending suit involving wright’s hip replacement should be consolidated to the District Court of the US.

Lawsuits like Conserve Total Hip System, Conserve Total A-Class Advanced Metal and Conserve Femoral Hip Surface Replacement have already been consolidated since they share the same allegations related to performance, manufacturing, design defects, and marketing of wright hip replacement products.

By doing so, judges will be able to resolve cases related to wright hip replacement more consistently and efficiently.

Lawsuits for Hip Replacement

While hip replacements or implants improve people’s quality of life, especially those suffering from severe joint fractures or damages, some sue device manufacturing companies because their faulty products resulted in their complications.

As a matter of fact, some hip replacement models have resulted in hundreds of lawsuits, most of which have been consolidated into separate mass litigation. Roughly around 28,000 lawsuits have been filed as part of the wright hip replacement ligation as of February 2022.

It is also apparent that hip replacement manufacturers have paid more than $5 billion since 2010 in order to settle those lawsuits filed against them.

Filing a Lawsuit

Whether you or your loved one experiences infection, suffering, pain, and complication related to fault hip implants, you can get compensated.

All your need to do is find a good law group to represent you as well as keep your rights protected. Plus, your attorney will ensure that your file a lawsuit on time to avoid missing the set deadline.

The Bottom Line!

Wright hip implants have been discussed to revive the lost self-esteem of patients who have serious damage or fracture on their hips. But as much as wright hip replacements have improved people’s life quality, they can be faulty, resulting in more serious problems. You can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer and get compensated through your lawyer’s help if such happens to you.

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