5 Side Effects from Laser Treatments You Need to Know

The idea of removing hair permanently is tempting. According to experts at The Laser Trader, using a laser to get rid of unnecessary hair can be a grace to you, particularly if you usually get uneven skin tone or ingrown hair because of using other hair removal techniques.

Although laser hair removal procedures are usually regarded as safe, there can be some side effects associated with the treatment.

So before spending money on laser hair removal, consider knowing all the possible downsides of the procedure as well, including side effects. Some of the common side effects of using laser for hair removal treatments include:

1. Skin Irritation and Redness

These are among the most common sides of removing your hair using a laser. You are more likely to have these side effects, especially an expert removes hair from sensitive areas of the body.

Your skin might feel tender, and you will start noticing edema (swelling), perifollicular redness, irritation, and redness.

The impacts are the same as what you normally notice after waxing your skin or when you consider other methods of removing hair.

The skin irritation tends to subside after an hour of the treatment. You may consider applying ice packs in order to facilitate the recovery process.

2. Eye Injury

The procedure of removing hair encompasses the use of strong or powerful lasers. That means there will be potential risks of having eye injuries, especially when practitioners are working on your face.

Both the practitioner and the individual getting the laser hair removal treatment must consider wearing eye equipment in order to prevent injuries when procedures are carried out.

3. Folliculitis/Pimples

When laser hair removal procedures are conducted, the hair gets shaved, and laser light is applied. In the first week after the procedure, dead hair inside your skin will start shedding off.

Your hair will start feeling prickly when touched and might result in tiny pimples, referred to as folliculitis caused by skin irritation.

This can be a subsidy when you apply the right antibiotic cream. But if it fails to subsidy, consider getting in touch with a physician or doctor.

4. Crusting

Some individuals tend to experience crusting on all the treated areas. But this is a minor impact, which will pass off quickly.

By using a good moisturizer and taking of the treated area, you may prevent scabbing that may result in scarring.

5. A Temporary Skin Color Change

This basically depends on the color of your skin. According to experts, patients with dark skin color can experience a lighter pigmentation on the skin after the laser hair removal procedure.

On the other hand, patients with lighter skin will experience a darker pigmentation on their skin after the procedure.

These changes might be exacerbated by sun exposure. This is why you should avoid exposing your skin for too long after your treatment.

In a Nutshell!

In general, removing unwanted or excess hair using a laser is effective and safe for many individuals. But, don’t allow the doctor to have the procedure done during pregnancy or near your eyes. Consider also seeing a doctor if at all there are rare symptoms after the treatment.

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