3 Common Cases an Industrial Thermal Inspection Is Needed

There are several reasons why thermal camera rental is important for maintaining electrical systems, plumbing and mechanical installations. Preventative care is a way to stop a disaster before it happens as well as save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in replacements. Below are some of the common cases an industrial inspection is needed.

Reason #1: Mechanical Installations

Mechanical installations such as conveyor belts, gearboxes, and motors, can be inspected by taking photos while the machines are in normal operation. It is best to take photos while they are in their natural state of operating because it gives the cameras the opportunity to see where the wear and tear is. The heat from overworked areas will show up on the images and tell the mechanics where the issue is on the machine. Moving machines need to often be cleaned and inspected to prevent an entire machine failure. The best way to inspect a moving machine is with the help of a thermal inspection by taking images and quickly finding issues without breaking the machine apart. This will also give an overall look at the entire machine rather than having to go in and inspect piece by piece.

Reason #2: Electrical Systems

Electrical systems are constantly pushing electricity in and out, causing a lot of friction and wear and tear. Erosion can begin if certain wires and pieces are not replaced regularly. Instead of replacing all wires and bolts, thermal imaging can go in and find exactly where the erosion is happening. The images can see heat and where the heat is the highest in the operation. Once it detects where the most heat is giving off, the electrician will be able to replace that wire with a new one. When it comes to electricity it can be extremely dangerous for someone to manually go in and test where the overheating is taking place. Thermal imaging allows people to leave the electricity running to get the most accurate image of where the overheating is happening without the risk of electrocuting themselves. Imaging like this will give the tester the opportunity to pinpoint exactly where the erosion is taking place in a safe manner, and the ability to mark it so that when electricity is turned off the cable can be replaced.

Reason #3: Plumbing and Furnaces

Plumbing can be very tricky especially when there is a small leak that is causing major damage to a home. A thermal camera rental can give the plumber an opportunity to inspect the pipes of the home without even having to break everything down. This not only saves the plumber time, but also the customer money. Once the plumber gets to the leak area, they can take thermal images of the area, then the images will show exactly where the hole is in the pipes. Furnaces can be imaged the same way if a customer believes they are losing energy in the home, a thermal image can be taken to discover where there might be a leak. Thermal images can also detect if there is a buildup of some sort that is preventing the heat from leaving a certain area, an obstruction or erosion of a pipe.

Thermal images are a terrific way to detect leaks and holes in pipes and erosion is wires. This is a way that efficiently saves the worker time, and the customer money. A thermal camera rental is a smart choice if someone believes there is an issue within the home, and they are looking to fix the issue efficiently.

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